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DuraSpace is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that provides leadership and innovation in open source and cloud-based technologies primarily for libraries, universities, research centers, and cultural heritage organizations. DuraSpace software and services are used worldwide as solutions for institutional repositories, open access publishing, digital libraries, digital archives, digital collections, data curation, virtual research environments, and more. DuraSpace is committed to serving the creators and stewards of our scholarly, scientific, and cultural heritage by providing technologies and services that help to ensure that digital content is accessible over the long term. Accordingly, the DuraSpace technology portfolio inherently addresses the issue of durability of digital content. Currently, the DuraSpace open technology portfolio includes DSpace (, Fedora Commons (, and DuraCloud (

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  • DuraCloud - Eucalyptus Integration DuraCloud currently supports Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles and Windows Azure as storage providers. The Eucalyptus Private Cloud software provides an S3 interface to access it's 'Walrus' storage. The primary goal of the project is to develop and document the Walrus storage adapter, using a generic S3ApiProvider design, thus proving out the integration of DuraCloud with Eucalyptus Private Cloud. It requires creating a new storage provider for DuraCloud to enable this integration.
  • Migrate to a modern Web service library for SOAP and support MTOM. Fedora has used Axis 1.3 for SOAP support for quite some time. This is an obsolete library and better alternatives (with support for MTOM and for protocols in addition to HTTP) are available. This improvement would update Fedora to use a modern Java WS framework for SOAP and move away from Axis 1.3. In addition, it would update Fedora's SOAP API to use MTOM where appropriate. For more information, see FCREPO-102 and FCREPO-452.
  • New UI built over the DSpace RESTful services using Ext JS Client-run DSpace Rich Internet Application UI based on RESTful Services
  • Proposal for DSpace Web MVC In my experiences of building enterprise applications (Tourist Portal and Video rental system) my JSP pages were often “peppered” with scriptlets containing certain business logic. I am interested in taking on this project because I have witnessed for myself how logic at the presentation layer could create tight coupling scenarios and obstruct the evolvement of the front layer coding, thus impairing the quality of my code.
  • Submission Enhancements in Dspace Currently the administrator in Dspace doesn't have authorization to alter the submission workflow.He has to wait for the system admin to change the “item-submission”xml file . We can solve this by implementing management of workflow via db and developing userInterfaces for various tasks.