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Google Summer of Code 2011

Digital Mars

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Digital Mars is a company involved with the development and sale of compilers for the C, C++, and D programming languages. It is the main company behind the definition and reference implementation of the D programming language.


  • An Apache Thrift Implementation for D This project strives to provide a D implementation of the Apache Thrift framework. Thrift, originally developed for use at Facebook, is both a data serialization/RPC protocol and its reference implementation for a number of popular languages. Having such functionality readily available would be a first (and large) step towards making the compelling language that D is attractive to adopt for development in service-based architectures, and would also be usable as simple RPC/serialization scheme.
  • Enhance regular expressions The goal is to make existing std.regex module in the D standard library more feature-rich and flexible. This includes: upgrading existing engine to support some popular extensions, providing alternative implementations based on finite state automation with their respective trade-offs. Also to provide the ability to generate the whole regex engine from pattern statically at compile time.
  • Linear Algebra Library based on SciD This is a proposal for a linear algebra for D that allows for natural mathematical expressions to be converted into high performance BLAS calls at compile time.