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XMMS2 is the spiritual successor to the very successful XMMS project. The creators of XMMS got together in 2002 and spun out the XMMS2 sister project, the idea was from the beginning to correct some of the early mistakes in XMMS design. The project grew and is now conceptually very different from XMMS. The team behind XMMS2 focuses on audio quality, freedom of choice and powerful organization features. Community-wise the team is around 15-20 regular contributors and over 70 people have at some time contributed to XMMS2.


  • Crossfade plugin & co Abstract :)
  • GIMME - GIMME Interesting Music, Mr. Emacs! A client for xmms2 on Emacs that puts an interestingly strong weight on searching and (mis)using collections as search results. The goal is quickly finding out what the user feels like playing.
  • Mergeable S4 with Coll 2.0 S4 is the new medialib backend for XMMS2. It has turned out to work pretty well, but it still has some bugs and shortcomings that needs to be fixed before it can be the new official backend. It would also be desirable to add Collections 2.0 (a more expressive collections framework) to make it even more usable.
  • XMMS2 mobile web client for iPhone and Android devices The goal is be to develop a web application that runs on mobile devices and acts as a client for an XMMS2 daemon. The application will be a remote the user can use to control playback, manage playlists and query the media library. A web client is a good approach because with the new HTML5/CSS features it's now possible to create great user experiences using only portable web technologies. The two deliverables for this project are the python xmms2 client and the mobile web application.