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wxWidgets is an open source cross-platform GUI toolkit, with ports for Linux/Unix (GTK+, X11, Motif), Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, and OS/2. You can write wxWidgets applications in several languages including C++, Python, C#, Ruby, and Perl. Thousands of commercial and non-commercial organizations rely on wxWidgets.


  • Implementing widgets on wxQt port A port of wxWidgets to the Qt toolkit already exists but is at a very basic state. Implementing the basic widgets (buttons, labels, etc.) should make the port suitable for developing small applications with it.
  • Improved wxWidgets GUI unit testing wxWidgets currently has very few tests for its GUI classes. This proposal aims to remedy this by first providing an improved GUI testing system and set of documentation followed by a large set of new tests. In turn this should help reduce the number of bugs in the project itself and improve consistency whilst making it easier for new developers to add their own tests in the future.
  • Masked Edit Control and Cross platform administrator dialog Masked Edit Control is used to help user to write a string in the good format. It may be usefull in ip configuration for example. Administrator acces is required to install or to modify critical files. This two project is very usefull for the user and for the dvellopers.
  • Wrapping New Windows Vista/7 Functionality This proposal describes a project for integrating new features introduced to the Windows API with Windows Vista and 7. Some will be implemented as native implementations for existing components, and some others would introduce new generic components along with a native implementation like the Task Dialog. The benefit of this project is to allow wxWidgets to stay modern with newer GUI components.
  • wxRichTextCtrl Image Enhancement wxRichTextCtrl aims to provide a generic implementation of a rich text editor that can handle different character styles, paragraph formatting, and images. With this project I will I will implement a class to support the basic operation control for the image’s size, alignment and float options. What’s more, images will be able to floated in the project buffer in proper order and genetic layout algorithm that could later be used to wrap text around image and other objects.