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The Tcl/Tk community includes anybody who uses Tcl/Tk, is interested in Tcl/Tk, or just wants to be in the club!






Tcl/Tk is used by a wide range of governmental, commercial and educational institutions around the globe. Many well-known and well-regarded systems have either been developed in Tcl/Tk or are using Tcl/Tk as an embedded language (e.g. Expect, AOLserver, DejaGnu, Metakit, Starkit and SQLite). We communicate through IRC, an active development list and a wiki (




The 9th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting is planned to be held in Strasbourg, France. The Seventeenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2010) will be held Oct 11 - Oct 15, 2010 in Chicago, IL, USA.




Our application was written by the organizing committee of the annual Tcl/Tk conference, although all members of the Tcl/Tk community were encouraged to participate. The group we have put together to submit this application includes members of the Tcl/Tk core team, developers from well-established Tcl/Tk projects (such as AOLserver and OpenACS), and educators.












  • Base JIT compiler for Tcl Just-In-Time compilation has been applied in various contexts, one of them being language implementations, in various forms. This project aims to bring a base JIT compiler to the Tcl, translating bytecodes to (x86) machine code on demand in order to improve the language performance.
  • MSNP2P refactoring for aMSN The goal of this project is to rewrite the current MSNP2P implementation in aMSN using snit. MSNP2P is the protocol used for P2P data transfers, taking care of webcam, file transfers etc. The current implementation is complicated, with code scattered in different files or including several functionalities in the same proc. If time permits, MSNP2Pv2, which has been RE-ed and takes into account Multiple Points of Presence, will be implemented as well.
  • OpenACS Abstraction Layer OpenACS is a robust web development framework, and It’s already in production in a lot of environments, such as government agencies and organizations, universities, NGO’s and companies around the world. However, its concept design was completely based on AOLServer. The project idea is to rewrite the server integration using the Wub technology layer and to make OpenACS a more portable framework.
  • OpenStreetMap package and editor in Tcl/Tk The first part is a package(s) for handling OpenStreetMap data in convenient form, which will automatically translate between internal and XML forms, communicate with server, and give easy access to all objects. Also, it needs to have some abstraction to give ability to manipulate virtual ways (segments). The second part is an OpenStreetMap editor in Tk, utilizing the package(s) from the first part, and the segmented approach.
  • SCORM Compliant Run-Time Environment for OpenACS This is a follow-up project to last year's successful SCORM project, which focused on input/export and presentation of SCORM packages. During the last project, it turned out that implementing the runtime environment (RTE) is a relatively big task. Thus, currently, the RTE implements only the most basic RTE-API functions and is therefore only capable of importing simple packages. A standard conformant RTE is still a precondition for using the outcome of the former project in real-world scenarios.
  • Tcl state machine back-end module for XMLVM A stack based interpreter implementation in Tcl. Working as a back-end for the XMLVM bytecode cross-compiler. This would all JVM bytecode producing languages and .Net languages to be translated to Tcl.
  • Themed Tk on Unix Tk Widget Styling Support is a really old topic. First mention I found is with date of 23 July 2001, and I want to finish it now. I often have that urge to change the look of applications. But I know that theming is not just to make eye candys. This topic is generally about rewriting the code from Motif-looking widgets to use Qt or GTK instead. That way system layouts can have an effect on Tk programs.