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Sugar Labs

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Sugar Labs is the community organization behind the Sugar Learning Platform. Sugar is the core component of a worldwide effort to provide every child with equal opportunity for a quality education. Originally developed for the One Laptop per Child XO-1 netbook and designed from the ground up especially for children, Sugar is Free Software that offers a hardware- and distro-independent alternative to traditional “office-desktop” software. Sugar Activities running on the Sugar Learning Platform promote collaborative learning and critical thinking. Sugar is used every school day in 25+ languages by almost 2,000,000 children in more than 40 countries. Sugar Labs is a member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Its volunteers are passionate about learning and the opportunities that Free Software can bring to education.


  • Abstract Browser This project has two parts: 1. Design and implement a browser engine abstraction layer in Python with two backends: hulahop/xulrunner and pywebkitgtk/webkit. 2. Port Browse to this new abstraction layer, complete with SSB support.
  • Improving Sugar on a Stick Sugar on a Stick is a project that "enables children to reclaim computers". It's a project that reaches even further than other approaches seen before, as it significantly lowers the entry barrier for people to get their hands on their own personalized Sugar Learning Experience. This proposal aims at reaching out for more feedback and interaction through existing and established upstream projects and integrating those in the Sugar Platform.
  • Pippy improvements Pippy offers a good place to practice inside a familiar environment. I would give it more functionality by adding: a) more examples of Python code b) an interactive Python tutorial c) a game which checks your Python knowledge