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SIP Communicator

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SIP Communicator is an audio/video Internet phone and instant messenger written in Java. It supports some of the most popular instant messaging and telephony protocols such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber (and hence GoogleTalk), AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, IRC, Bonjour and still counting. SIP Communicator is based on the OSGi architecture using the Felix implementation from Apache. This makes it very extensible and particularly developer friendly.

Note that this year, members of the Kamailio (OpenSER) and SEMS projects are participating together with SIP Communicator. Have a look at our project ideas page and find out the two projects that would be mentored by Kamailio and SEMS core developers.


  • Displaying video and photo previews in chat windows This project aims to provide an implementation to replace links to videos (from sources like Youtube, DailyMotion, VBOX7, Facebook etc) and images (from sources like Flickr and direct links to images) during a chat to the corresponding preview images. The essence of the project lies in forming an architecture that should be abstract enough to facilitate easy extension for addition of various sources ( eg. new video/image websites) later on.
  • GnomeKeyring for Password Storage The primary goal of this project is to remake the SIP Communicator password storage logic to allow storing and retrieving IM account passwords using GnomeKeyring and other utilities instead of plaintext. This would reduce security risks and build trust in SIP Communicator.
  • Proposal for Calls with Windows Live Messenger in SIP Communicator This is my proposal for the subject "Calls with Windows Live Messenger (MSN)" for the project SIP Communicator. I've chosen this subject because I would like to know more about how it works and can be set up. vmartinet (
  • Support for conference calls in Kamailio For this project, I plan to implement support for conference calls in the Kamailio SIP server. This is referenced in two RFC's: * RFC 4353: A Framework for Conferencing with SIP * RFC 4575: A SIP Event Package for Conference State It would be great to have a VOIP conference call, and to see everyone who's on the call, see the person who is currently talking.
  • Wideband Audio Codecs Add support for CELT and SILK wideband audio codec to SIP-Communicator.
  • XCAP CONTACTS XCAP Client implements rfc4825 and rfc4826. It provides full functionality for create/delete/modify contact groups and contacts. It will be integrated in SIP Communicator infrastructure as Server Stored List. Mode detail information can be found at