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Mixxx Digital DJ

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Mixxx is a cross-platform, open source DJ mixing application suitable for amateur and live professional use. Mixxx began as one of the earliest digital DJ solutions, and as a result has attracted a large worldwide userbase. Our continuing mission is to provide these users with an open source DJ application with features that rival and lead proprietary commercial solutions such as Traktor, MixVibes, and Virtual DJ.

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  • Adding a digital vinyl system (DVS) / external mixer mode to Mixxx. Adding an external mixer mode to Mixxx will greatly improve Mixxx's ability to act as a part of a digital vinyl system. Mixxx's current method of achieving this involves diverting one deck to the main output, and the other to the headphone output, allowing the two to be mixed externally. However, no features, such as the equalizer, can be disabled. Benefits of disabling various features include increased CPU time for other threads, and UI recognition of unwanted features.
  • Effects Units creation based on existing LADSPA integration Playing the right tracks at the right time in a perfect mix isn't enough. Users like to use effects in their mix to squeeze every bit of energy, make creative mixes using filters, delay beats, use reverb. The Effects Units, will have standard controls, so we only map MIDI once, and then plug-in the desired effect to use it. The user will also have the flexibility to choose how he's going to use these 2 effects units, being able to use both on a channel, a unit per channel or even both on master.
  • Mixxx Sampler Proposal I am a student at Oregon State University in the Computer Science program. I also DJ locally and on the radio. I feel working on the Mixxx project would be a great experience combining both of these things. I would like to implement a sampler for mix during the GSoC. I think it is a project that would provided work in both underlying code and user-interface design, both of which I am interested in. I am very open to learning new things and working with the mentors to create a quality product.