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Google Summer of Code 2010

The MacPorts Project

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MacPorts is a ports collection and packaging system for Mac OS X. We have an ever-growing collection of ports (currently over 6500), many of which accept multiple configuration variants. MacPorts is one of the primary means by which open source software is compiled for and installed onto Mac OS X, making it a primary interface between Mac OS X and the rest of the open source world.


  • Configuration files handling Handle correctly configuration files (/etc) when upgrading a port.
  • MacPorts GUI Improvement The goal is to improve the MacPorts GUI and make it an important part of the MacPorts project. Below is a list of features to be added: * Category fetching from MacPorts and Search by category * Growl support * Queueing of operations * Variants selection * Alerts when an error has occurred * Logging Support Secondary features: * Binary Support * Application Icon * Preferences These features will make managing multiple ports easier, complete with notifications and logging.
  • MPWA The purpose of the MPWA is to streamline the process of interacting with the MacPorts database. By creating a web app it will allow users to easily search and access information about the ports they use. The application will serve as an aggregator of information about the database as a whole an the ports which make it up. It will provide a simpler and more central location for users that would otherwise have to go to the various repositories of information that make up the MacPorts project.