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Google Summer of Code 2010

Go OpenOffice

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A spin-off of, with a much nicer build system, a relaxed attitude towards process & patch contribution (yes, we don't require you to sign over your copyright, nor your patents), and a hacker community that's actually present on irc. Actually, if you run Debian, Ubuntu, openSuse and a number of other distros, your distro-provided OpenOffice packages are in fact Go-OO version.


  • Attach Impress animations to styles Currently there's not an easy way to give the same animation to all the elements of a certain style. Sometimes we just think that all our important titles, besides the big bold Heading1 style, also deserve a big entrance with a swivel, a orange to pink colour change effect, and a boomerang exit. This project would allow for easier, more generic animation adding to our presentation parts.
  • Improve RTF Export The recent rework of OpenOffice’s binary MS Word .doc (WW8) export filter made it easy to extend for other MS Word formats, like DOCX. In particular, using the advantages of the shared code to implement a new RTF export filter based on this rework is certainly possible to implement - and this summer I would like to work on this.
  • Improvement of OpenOffice Math This proposal offers some improvements to OpenOffice Math, but focuses on fixing Issue 972, so that equations anchored as characters in Writer will automatically align its baseline with that of the line it is on... So that users need not manually edit this. This proposal offers several additional improvements should the first prove easy to implement, amongst them extra symbols, catalog/ symbol toolbox improvements and intuitive MathType-like input option.
  • Improving equation editor Starmath - Open Office equation editor is in need of significant improvement which could help satisfy expectations of the user. Currently the main issue is baseline miscalculation that causes wrong alignment hence giving bad impression. The aim of this project is to identify the problem, fix it and thus help Open Office to be more acceptable in education, together with solving other issues concerning adding new symbols which could be beneficial and surely welcomed by all users of Starmath.
  • New Docking Windows and Split View Many people have requested the split window feature in Writer for a while now. This project's focus would be to create/continue work on new docking windows which would open up a list of new and invaluable features like split views and tabbed windows. A lot of work will be needed in order to complete this first task. This project will then be able to focus on implementing a split view using the new layout manager.
  • Online Gallery for OOo Currently the Gallery on OOo isn't in its best shape - besides some minor usability flaws, its major disadvantage is that the content is limited to what's shipped with the product. The major part of this project would be to connect the existing gallery to a website (most probably providing fresh and interesting content, and displaying it within the client application itself. Another part could include fixing some smaller issues with the gallery UI itself.