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International GeoGebra Institute

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The InternationaI GeoGebra Institute (IGI) is the not-for-profit organization behind the educational open source mathematics software GeoGebra. Our software and educational materials are available in 50 languages and used by millions of teachers and students world wide. IGI is a network of local user, developer and researcher groups at currently 25 universities on four continents. Within IGI, teachers and researchers work together to promote the learning and teaching of mathematics by supporting and coordinating the following activities:

  • implement new features of the free software GeoGebra,
  • develop free GeoGebra workshop materials,
  • offer workshops for teachers and future GeoGebra trainers,
  • develop an on-line support system for teachers,
  • evaluate and improve the professional development activities and materials,
  • design and implement research projects both on GeoGebra and IGI, and
  • deliver presentations at national and international conferences.

GeoGebra is open-source dynamic mathematics software that combines features of interactive geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics in one single, easy to use package for mathematics education at all levels. The system is available for download free of charge from and runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms. Today, GeoGebra is available in 50 languages and used by millions of students and teachers from elementary school up to university level in 190 countries world-wide. The software facilitates the creation of mathematical constructions and models by students that allow interactive explorations by dragging objects and changing parameters. Furthermore, GeoGebra is also an authoring tool that allows teachers to create interactive web-pages. On the GeoGebraWiki (, our users have already shared tens of thousands of free learning objects that can be modified and adapted to specific local or individual needs.

Our project code repository for 2010 is at


  • Contour and Implicit Plotting Implicit polynomial functions in two variables of degree greater than two cannot be displayed with the current version of GeoGebra. I will find existing algorithms concerning this problem rework and implement them.
  • GeoGebra3D To extend an existing prototype of GeoGebra3D, which is a view in GeoGebra that allows for the creation and modification of 3D objects.
  • Locus line equation Given a GeoGebra construction, the goal is to generate the equations describing the construction in order to get (discovery) the condition that the locus point must satisfy through elimination theory.
  • Proposal for GUI extension project As a long-term member of the GeoGebra development team I hereby propose to implement the GUI extension project. I already implemented a prototype of this system which is used in the trunk, for GSoC I would like to enhance and strengthen this prototype.