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Debian Project

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The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system: a complete set of programs and utilities that make your computer run, plus applications to run on it. This operating system that we have created is called Debian GNU/Linux because of its basic building blocks: the Linux Kernel and the GNU OS tools. We simply call it Debian for short. Debian and its derivatives together make up the most popular Linux family in the world, used on systems all the way up from tiny embedded devices to world-class supercomputers.












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  • Aptitude Qt Qt GUI for aptitude. Currently, KDE users need to use Aptitude via the console interface, or install the newly developed GTK frontend, which does not fit well into KDE desktop. Making Qt frontend to Aptitude would solve this problem and bring an advanced and fully Debian-compliant graphical package manager to KDE.
  • Debbugs Bug Reporting and Manipulation API The debbugs system allows Debian maintainers to manage existing bug reports and fix problems quickly. However, the primary method of interface with this API is e-mail. There is an existing SOAP API, but it is limited to read-only operation. This proposal would cover extending the existing SOAP API to cover bug submission and report manipulation.
  • Debian-installer on Neo FreeRunner The Neo FreeRunner (FR) is the first open-source smartphone, with all sources provided, including the schematics (but not the GSM part). Today, several distributions can run on it, and Debian is one of them. However, the current way of installing Debian to the FR is to run a shell script from a Linux distribution already running on the phone. I propose to write Debian Installer support for the FR.
  • High Performance Computing on Clouds The project paves a way to combine the demands in high performance computing with the dynamics of compute clouds with Debian. Combining the Eucalyptus cloud computing infrastructure with the TORQUE resource manager and preparing the components for dynamically added and removed instances provides the user with a attractive high performance computing environment. Such a system allows users to share resources with large compute centers with minimal changes in their workflow and scripts.
  • Hurd Debian-Installer Debian GNU/Hurd is currently installed either using outdated CD images, or from an existing Debian GNU/Linux system using the 'crosshurd' package. The goal of this project is to modify debian-installer and the related packages to produce working Debian GNU/Hurd installation images.
  • Improve Package config upgrades When a package deliver configuration files, the problem of merging user data with new configuration instructions will arise during package upgrades on users systems. Sometimes merging can be done with 3 way merge, but this process does not insure that the resulting file is correct or even legal.
  • MultiArch support in APT Hardware like 64bit processors are perfectly able to execute 32bit opcode but until now this potentiality is disregard as the infrastructure tools like dpkg and APT are not able to install and/or solve dependencies across multiple architectures. The proposal therefore focuses on enabling APT to work out good solutions in a MultiArch aware environments without the need of hacky and partly working biarch packages currently in use.
  • Smart Upload Server Smart Upload Server Proposal from Petr Jasek. It's about making packages upload smarter, more interactive and painless for uploaders. Test early, report early. Save devs time.