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The Codehaus is an opensource community that provides project development and community features for over 250 opensource projects, 1250 developers and 30000 email list subscribers. The Codehaus focuses on business friendly (non viral licences such as the Apache Licence 2.0) opensource infrastructure projects - such as new languages, processing libraries and internet infrastructure support.




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  • Castor JDO related projects: Refactor loading of entities from database In a former GSoC project a class hierarchy to represent SQL queries for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE was created. This class hierarchy lacks the support for joins and orders. In order to add this functionality some refactoring work has to be done.
  • Integration of Sonar in IDE to enable instant feedback to developer Sonar is web platform which can be used by all stakeholders, whatever they are manager, team leader, developer, qa analyst, ... The main benefit of the platform is to ease the communication between all those stakeholders when times come to talk about source code quality. But it's a bit cumbersome for a developer to use Sonar during his daily work as it's not integrated into his IDE. The Sonar IDE project should offer a full integration into the IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, ...).
  • Nicer DSLs in Groovy with GEP-3 Domain-Specific Languages are easy to implement with Groovy, which offers various techniques and approaches for that purpose. We have discussed a Groovy Extension Proposal (GEP-3) for extending Groovy's "command expression" syntax to make for even nicer and more language natural like Domain-Specific Languages. The purpose of this project is to try to implement this proposal, learning along the way about the internals of Groovy, the Antlr parser, dynamic languages, and DSLs.
  • Sonar Widget Dashboard - Customizable UI I'm going to add new features to Sonar project. The main idea is create architecture for easy addition of existing plugins to Sonar Dashboard and also capability for user to manipulate widgets and edit layout of the Dashboard. It can bring many benefits for comfortable use Sonar in production environment during software development.
  • StAX for un-/marshalling The Castor project is a quite popular and ongoing data binding and persistence framework. It demonstrates its strength in a wide variety of usage scenarios, embedment in powerful frameworks and a highly participating community. This project intends to add support for StAX for un-/marshalling to the XML data binding framework.