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Google Summer of Code 2009

Xiph.Org Foundation

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The Xiph.Org Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing open and free-to-implement multimedia technology as a foundation for an interoperable, level playing field on the Internet and other digital distribution networks. Over the past 8 years we have developed most of the major patent-free and royalty-free audio and video codecs currently in use, including Vorbis, Speex, FLAC and Theora, as well as developing the Ogg streaming format, and the Icecast streaming media server. Xiph hosted libraries like liboggplay and liboggz power the underling html5 video support in Mozilla Firefox. This year we are also coordinating projects for the Annodex association under our umbrella. The Annodex projects develop standards and software for timed metadata and temporal media reference compatible with the existing web ecosystem. The Annodex streaming media server is used on sites such as wikipedia and to facilitate improved video seeking, inter-archive interoperability, and temporal media referencing via URLs


  • OggPlay enhancements OggPlay library is designed to allow software developers to easily add playback support of various Xiph.Org media formats in their applications. It abstracts away from the complexity of libOgg's encapsulation pages, codec packets, and encoded data, giving the programmer the freedom to work with audio-visual streams, video frames, and audio samples. The student proposes to add the following features to the library: - Dirac support - chained Ogg file support
  • Proposal: Making Extension to Record Sound locally and stream to Icecast This Project is aimed to create a Firefox extension that can record sound locally and stream to Icecast. In this project I will make the extension platform free.For this extension I will use nsILocalFile interface which will enable the extension to interact with the operating system. I will use operating system's sound recorder to record the sound and then for Windows I have to convert the recorded sound into Ogg vorbis format and then user cam stream it to Icecast.