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Google Summer of Code 2009

Xelerance Corporation

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Xelerance was founded in 2003 and is the company behind Openswan, the Open Source software for Linux IPsec VPNs. We have created other opensource software such as xl2tpd, sshfp and dnssec-conf. Our employees maintain or develop for over a dozen packages related to DNS, cryptography, and privacy enhancing technologies. We are active in many communities such as IETF, RIPE, Fedora/Centos, Ubuntu, IPsec, DNS-OARC and others.


  • Live Test for Openswan My task is to improve the LiveTest function of Openswan to help users test their configuration for problems with ISP filters, MTU issues, NAT-T, ipv6, etc.
  • Openswan - OSX Cocoa GUI I am doing a Master in Security and Mobile Computing and I am a Mac user that has previously used Linux. I had courses in Human Machine Interface and I have good programming skills in C, Java and C++. Adding to that I am really motivated to work with you, I enjoyed the (small) work I did with you, trying to make Openswan compile in OS X, and I look forward to make this GUI.
  • Openswan / Xl2tpd plugin for Network Manager Create a Network Manager vpn-plugin, which provides easy setup and management Openswan / Xl2tpd network access for users of Linux desktop. Plugin consists of: 1) service, which is the bridge between the Openswan / Xl2tpd and dbus-interface of Network Manager. It uses configuration files of Openswan / Xl2tpd. 2) auth-dialog, which requests user-authorization when connecting; 3) gui, a settings page for nm-applet. Also provides import / export of the settings.
  • OTRv4 implementation Since I do not have in-depth knowledge of OTR internals yet and I do not want to just copy-paste description from I'll try to make brief description as I understood it so far. The basic idea is to implement OTRv4 feature for creation (and secure transfer) of temporary symmetric cryptographic keys which can be used to securely transmit large amount of date (voice & video streams, file transfer) between OTR clients.