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wxWidgets is an open source cross-platform GUI toolkit, with ports for Linux/Unix (GTK+, X11, Motif, MGL), Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, and OS/2. You can write wxWidgets applications in several languages including C++, Python, C#, Ruby, and Perl. Thousands of commercial and non-commercial organizations rely on wxWidgets; notable applications include Audacity, Juice podcast receiver, AVG Antivirus, Forte Agent, BitWise IM, and Tortoise CVS.


  • File-System Changes Notification Support wxWidgets aims to provide developers with a good solution to build cross-platform applications. This includes GUI libraries and a set of companion wrapper libraries for networking, multi threading and more. File system notification support I intend to implement will enable new exciting opportunities for developers using wxWidgets: creating cross-platform indexing solutions, interactive file managers, reloading configuration files in apps, advanced backup and synchronizing software and lots more.
  • wxAUI Enchancements With this project I will fully integrate tabs into the wxAUI interface, Both for drag and drop creation of tabs by users as well as for loading and saving of perspectives. Additionally provided enough time is left over after the primary goal I will integrate proper tested fixes for various other outstanding problems and minor feature enhancements in AUI.
  • wxWidgets Ribbon-bar component The wxWidgets library is currently lacking a ribbon bar component. The ribbon bar has been popularised by programs like Microsoft Office 2007, and there are recurring requests for a wxWidgets implementation. I propose to implement a collection of classes which make it easier for application programmers to implement a ribbon bar in their programs.