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Google Summer of Code 2009


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The WorldForge project creates multiplayer online roleplaying games.

Our vision is to foster an independent community in which many free games can develop and evolve with unique roleplaying-oriented worlds and rules, running on a wide selection of server and client implementations with a standard networking protocol tying everything together. Our core focus is the construction of a complete system with all the tools, technology, content and artwork required to build complex persistent online virtual worlds.


  • Ember: Add better multi threading support Currently Ember works single-threadedly, and there are areas where it could take advantage of multi-threading for performance reasons, and more important, to enhance the player experience by not having momentary freezes (when performing some actions or loading/processing data). The goal is to use multi-threading in Ember, starting by well-defined subsystems (such as network, sound, resource processing...) where independent execution makes sense, and always putting thread-safety first.
  • Implement a fishing task in WorldForge This project aims to implement an interface to allow players to fish in oceans. The aim is not only to implement fishing, but to create certain base features that can then be reused for similar activities in the future. While the basic implementation will have one type of fish and one type of bait, this will be extended to have multiple species of fish, with different behaviours for each species, and different bait for different species, which would introduce the need to select bait carefully.
  • Implement an art upload/moderation/commit mechanism for WOMBAT The projet aim to implement a mechanism to allow web-based upload, moderation and repository commits for WOMBAT.