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Google Summer of Code 2009


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WinLibre project is an open source project aimed at popularizing Open Source software.

WinLibre is a META-project which was originally targeted at the windows platform (hence its name) but it has evolved during the last 4 years to embrace also the Mac OS and Linux platforms. We are focusing on delivering to our users quality open source software with a strong emphasis on ease of use. We are mainly maintaining WinLibre (open source software distribution for windows) and MacLibre (open source software distribution for Mac OS X). The Winlibre distribution provides a collection of first-class open-source software bundled in an easy single installer & updater. Through time and thanks to the former editions of the Google Summer Of Code, the Winlibre project has evolved and created other sub-projects to fill gaps in the open-source desktop software offering. The Maclibre distribution is an equivalent to the Winlibre distribution for Mac OS.


This year goals are :

  • Finalize our package manager for windows
  • Finalize a new MacLibre release
  • Improve Pwytter, our muti-os twitter client
We will proceed to a phone or video interview between April, 4th and 11th in order to help us select student's applications. Please be available during this interval.


  • Imrovements in pwytter Twitter client for Mac , windows & linux Project mainly focuses on improvement of pwytter to make it efficent.It mainly adds features like notification (i.e Growl) , supoort of XMPP ,IRC bot.It will provide notification on Mac using Growl, on windows using growlforwindows and on linux it does the same task using libnotify. Support of XMPP can be given by collaborating some of features of gajim to pwytter that will make it to work like IM for twitter. IRC bot will help to publish tweets on IRC channels.
  • UI and logic separation for Pwytter This proposal outlines how Pwytter could be improved to gain native look and feel on multiple platforms, through separation of logic and UI. Currently, Pwytter uses tk for UI, with isn't pretty, this proposal suggest implementation of, at least, a Qt and GTK frontend. UI is a very important part of the user experience, this proposal is about improving the user experience of Pwytter mainly through better UI.
  • WinLibre Package Creator Package Creator will provide a simple interaction with the WinLibre package format and repositories. It will allow for new developers to familiarize themselves with the WinLibre package format as well as to help guide them through the entire process from creating the package to submitting it. The package creator will be easy to use and will be very user friendly which will help draw new developers to release their Free / Open Source software through WinLibre.
  • WinLibre Package Manager The WinLibre Package Manager is an open source project for the Google Summer of Code 2009. The goal of the project is to design and develop a Package Manager for the Windows operating system. The development of such software would not only help the end users to help them deploy open source applications on windows but also the open source developers by enabling them to focus only on their software while the package manager will handle the job of resolving dependencies.
  • WinLibre Package Manager (Repository server) WinLibre Package Manager is an application to serve Open Source software to Windows users. The basic idea is to allow Windows users to get a catalog of the available applications and download and install them if they want to. This proposal shows my ideas on repository server that will hold the packages description.