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GStreamer is the de-facto standard multimedia framework for Linux and Unix systems, supporting a wide range of applications, programming languages and embedded systems. Popular GStreamer based applications include the Totem video player, the Banshee music player, the Pitivi video editor, the Jokosher audio editor, the Telepathy VOIP and video conferencing framework and the Buzztard music synthesizer. It is also used by major embedded and mobile companies like Nokia, Motorola and Axis on various devices.


  • ASFMux and ASFRTPPay GStreamer currently supports Microsoft's ASF demuxing and RTP depayloading, but there is no support for muxing and payloading in the 0.10 series. There was an ASFMux in the 0.8 that has never been ported forward. This project's goal is to write a new and featureful ASFMux and an ASF RTP Payloader.
  • LV2 support The goal of this project is to implement a bridge plugin to allow the use of LV2 plugins with gstreamer. LV2 is the successor to LADSPA, which is already supported by gstreamer. LV2 transforms LADSPA into a more flexible specification which allows plugins to provide greatly enhanced functionality compared to what is possible with LADSPA. Several projects have created LV2 plugins which go beyond the capabilities of LADSPA; support for LV2 plugins in gstreamer would allow access to this new functionality, as well as all future work of the LV2 community.
  • MHEG Plugin implementation My name is Miquel Ă€ngel Farre, a very hard worker Master Bachelor Student of Telecom engineering. I have experience on DVB systems and I would like to participate in the Gstreamer SoC program writing a MHEG plugin. Please, read the content of my proposal, i am very excited with the idea of contribute with Gstreamer project.
  • MPEG-2 TS/PS Muxer for GStreamer In this project we want to enhance the capability of the existing TS muxer and write a new PS muxer. The enhancement of TS muxer would aim to ensure an output playable on mainstream players, while for the PS muxer the plan is to write a full featured PS muxing library, together with a plugin connecting the library to GStreamer. With these done, GStreamer would achieve better support on the MPEG-2 standard and usability.
  • Wrapper element for AviSynth filters The goal is to make some AviSynth video filters available as GStreamer pipeline elements. This would also bring AviSynth v3.0 vapor-ware closer to reality. The project consists of: 1) Implementing frame number information extraction in demuxers 2) Implementing frame-based seeking 3) Implementing a video ringbuffer 4) Implementing GstAVSynth wrapper library 5) Implementing GstAVSynth headers/libraries for AviSynth filters to build against