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Google Summer of Code 2009

Umit Project

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Umit Project is an organization focused on developing solutions to ease the life of network administrators and developers in several levels. Umit Project develops Umit, a network scanning frontend, that has been developed in Python and GTK and was started with the sponsoring of Google's Summer of Code 2005. Its goal is to offer a powerful network management tool that is really useful for advanced users and easy to be used by newbies. With Umit, a network administrator can create scan profiles for faster and easier network scanning or even compare scan results to easily see any changes. A regular user will also be able to construct powerful scans with Umit Command Creator Wizard. Aside Umit, the Umit Project Organization develops other network related tools like the Bluetooth Scanner, Network Inventory, Packet Manipulator, Umit Mapper, Umit Web and some more to come this year.


  • Bluetooth Sniffer Extend UmitBT to decompose, analyze and display Bluetooth packets being transmitted between devices.
  • New OS Fingerprinting tool and RadialNet Improments A new technique to perform TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack fingerprinting is proposed. Using this technique, the operating system's TCP ISN (Initial Sequence Number) generator is analysed. I conclude that it is possible to recognize operating systems using only one open TCP port on the target machine. Some improvements related to visualization of large networks in RadialNet are proposed too.
  • Packet Manipulator: attack framework By adding this features I'm pretty sure that we could extend the user audience. A feature like this is implemented in tools like ettercap but these solutions are limited to static situations. The goal of the project is to provide a general framework to create general attacks, with the help of UmitPlugins infrastructure, XML and schema files and Python language. The project will also include a complete set of common attacks, with point click and pwn semantic.
  • Umit Quick Scan Sometimes in our jobs, we need to perform some quick tasks and get the results fast with only more relevant information. Thinking about it, the “small version” of Umit idea born to perform tasks quickly. On the Quick Scan, with an easy and intuitive keystroke combination and a simple and fast interface, the users can do their scans with the same time of the command line. Did you think about a network admin tool like the Spotlight of Mac OS X? If not, you can start right now.
  • UMPA - new features implementation UMPA is a library for packet manipulations. It's being used as a backend for Packet Manipulator GUI. The main feature of the library is to prepare and sending packets over the network. I would like to extend the library to make it really useful in many other cases, also to provide long and short terms of simulations. There are 4 main features which I would like to implement: sniffing (receiving packets), asynchronous scheduler, template system and additional protocols support.