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The Syslinux Project

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The Syslinux project is a collection of widely used bootloaders, primarily for Linux, but also used for other operating systems -- especially in a network environment. Syslinux currently composes SYSLINUX (FAT filesystems), PXELINUX (network), ISOLINUX (CD-ROMs), and EXTLINUX (Linux ext2/3 filesystems.)


  • GSoC Proposal for Syslinux:Add EXT4 Support in EXTLINUX and Convert the Filesystem Part Code to C For the project I'm applying to there are two jobs must be down and they are: Add EXT4 Support in EXTLINUX ; Convert the Filesystem Part Code to C. For the ext4 part, I should do: Add extent feature support for EXT file system. Handling 64-bit sector numbers. For the code conversion part, I should do: Add necessary infrastructure ; convert file system part like EXT, FAT, IS09600 and PXE to C language.
  • Syslinux Command line rewriting application I wish to join the Syslinux project in this year's Google Summer of Code. More specifically I would like to take part in the rewriting of the command line interface from assembler to C.