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Google Summer of Code 2009

Simple DirectMedia Layer

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The SDL library is an open source cross-platform game and multimedia application SDK. It has been widely used to create commercial and open source games and media applications.


  • Automated Testing Suite for SDL As SDL grows and more ports are made, the need for a test suite for SDL increases. This project would consist in making an assortment of testing applications which would use the SDL API to do things and compare with the expected output. This would allow finding of regressions and issues in a much more easy automated way.
  • Enhance International Input Support for Mac OS X Design and implement international text input support for SDL, mainly focused on Mac OS X. My aim is to: 1. Complete a clean, SDL-style API for international text input, work with other implementors on other platforms, if there is any. 2. Give complete implementation of the above API on Mac OS X 10.5. 3. Make sure the API works well enough with all major input methods (including traditional text services manager based and 10.5 IMKit based input methods)
  • Playstation3 Port Within my internship at IBM Germany GmbH last year, I developed a video driver based on the SDL library 1.2.13 to support Sonys Playstation3. This summer, I would like to integrate the patch into the SDL library and port it to the next major SDL release 1.3. The new video driver allows PS3 users to run SDL applications in "High Definition" resolutions with much more performance. Besides the PowerPC core, SDL is than powered with additional 3 out of 5 SPE cores the Playstation3 provides.