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Sakai Foundation

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Sakai is an Open Source Collaboration and Learning Environment which is in Enterprise use at 200 Universities around the world with over a million users who use Sakai daily in their teaching and learning. The Sakai Foundation coordinates the activities of the Sakai open source community and provides shared resources to support the Sakai community activities.


  • In-line editor This project would offer an alternative of in-line editing, where the page content is divided into paragraphs, sections and so on, and where a user can select to edit a block of text, an image, or another widget element individually.
  • My proposal for an inline editor for Sakai Here's the application. As requested, I have created a small web site for it.
  • Sakai Foundation: Open Syllabus project The OpenSyllabus project seeks to adapt to Sakai an easy to use tool to create and publish model-based syllabi that is currently used at HEC MontrĂ©al: ZoneCours.