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The Rockbox project is a complete portable digital audio player replacement firmware - including operating system, GUI and application suite. It has been in development since 2001 and receives new features, tweaks and fixes every day to provide you with the best possible music listening experience. Rockbox aims to be considerably more functional and efficient than your device's stock firmware while remaining easy to use and customizable. It is a goal to not only offer a wide range of functionality, but where possible make sure that this functionality is presented in a consistent manner that is easy to learn and use. Rockbox runs on a wide range of platforms including devices from Archos, Apple (iPod), iriver, Cowon, Olympus, Toshiba and SanDisk with more in development. The development team consists of over 50 active committers and around 450 individual contributors. See for more information.


  • Adding RM support to Rockbox Rockbox already supports a wide range of codecs, it still, however, does not have support for RM. The main aim of the project, thus, is to add support for RM format, and to have enough fixed-point decoders to handle the commonly available RM files. Primary goal : Have at least one target play cook encoded audio in RM container. secondary goal : addition of another codec(s).
  • Make Rockbox a musical instrument My proposal is to make Rockbox a musical instrument. To do that, the sound processing framework Pure Data will be integrated into Rockbox in the likeness of PdPod -- .
  • Rockbox Support for Wavpack Hybrid Compression Wavpack is an audio codec which provides three modes of operation: a traditional lossy algorithm, a perfect-fidelity lossless mode, and an innovative hybrid mode. Operating in hybrid mode, the encoder produces two files: a lossy Wavpack file which Rockbox may currently play on many devices, and a "correction" file which may be used by a decoder to reproduce the original bitstream. I aim to implement support for the correction files in Rockbox.