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Google Summer of Code 2009


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We are the developers of NetSurf, a fast, small, and portable open source browser written in C with its own layout engine. More about the team is at



  • Add DOM support to Netsurf Netsurf is really a small & fast browser now, but there is no complete DOM implementation in it. Many modern web pages contain Javascript, which is mostly used to manipulate the DOM of the web page. So, it is necessary to add DOM support to Netsurf as soon as possible. And that is just what I want to do in this summer.
  • Core UI enhancements and keyboard navigation At the time being, all parts of the UI are created by the platform dependent code. This approach has some major drawbacks. NetSurf is designed for resource constrained hardware but it doesn't work with restricted input methods. At the moment a mouse is necessary for browsing. This can be a barrier for hand held devices and a serious inconvenience for advanced users. My intention is to remove the above limitations.
  • Mark Benjamin NetSurf GTK+ interface improvements 1st Year Masters student with aptitude for GTK+ to add functionality to NetSurf Browser GTK Interface, improve details of current interface, code the basis functions as necessary. I have hand coded a GTK+ interface for an othello programme as my final year undergraduate project, as well as working with glade, so would definitely hope that my knowledge of GTK is sufficient for the project. My C ability is generally good too, particularly with a mentor encouraging my style.