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Google Summer of Code 2009


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The goal of this project is to create a framework for representing Open Source contribution workflows, such as the existing Google Summer of Code TM (GSoC) program. Using this framework, it will be possible to host future Google Summer of Code programs (and other similar programs, such as the Google Highly Open Participation TM Contest, or GHOP) on Google App Engine.


  • Ajax Statistics module Melange is now the heart web app which manages Google Summer of Code (and which will manage GHOP). The program counts every year thousands of students and mentors coming from all over the world. Handling all this data is an awesome opportunity to have great visual representations of this special open source nursery. What I would like to do is developing a statistics module to let all these cold numbers and data relationships come out from binary code to eyecandy.
  • Implementation of Task-based GHOP-like work flow. I wish to implement a task-based work flow for Melange, where the program administrator, organization admin and mentors will be able to define tasks, tag them, set difficulty levels and track students' progress for each task. Also students will be able to look at tasks, claim them, work on them, indicate their progress for tasks claimed and submit their work. Also I wish to provide Melange some automated features for processing student submissions and selection of students for prizes.
  • News Feed Framework A framework for customizable news feeds for various entity kinds (such as Clubs, Organizations, Programs, and Users) that can be formatted on various site pages, or used for email notifications and Atom feed output. (See issues 13 and 16 on the SoC tracker)
  • Statistic Module Here is my proposal for Statistic Module project that I would like to work on during Google Summer of Code 2009. I think that adding some new statistic features is important for Melange and I also believe that I will cope with designing and implementing a proper solution that Melange will actually use. I am sure this presentation is not perfect and I would be extremely grateful for any kind of comments.