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Google Summer of Code 2009

The MacPorts Project

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MacPorts is a ports collection and packaging system for Mac OS X. We have a growing number of about 5600 ports currently, many of which accept multiple variants. MacPorts is one of the primary means by which open source software is compiled for and installed onto Mac OS X, and is thus a primary interface between Mac OS X and the rest of the open source world.


  • Logging system for MacPorts project The main idea is to create a powerful logging system for macports. Goals: - Provide good and simple logging interface for future use. For example for graphical interface. - Make ports bug tracking easier for port maintainers. - To run some time-consuming processes (for example update all ports) and easily track all changes, errors etc.
  • MacPorts Framework enhancements and GUI implementation The project consists in the creation of a fully usable GUI to install, uninstall and upgrade ports as well as sync and self upgrade MacPorts. Also I'd like it to have some features to ease the collaboration to MacPorts (modify Portfiles, create patches and new ports). I coded a simple GUI that can handle the installation and uninstallation of ports using the MacPorts.framework. Dowload it here: