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Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.


  • Accessible Administrator Templates Joomla! 1.5 made great strides in accessibility in the frontend. It is important that Joomla! 1.6 do the same for the backend. The primary goal of this project is to bring the Administrator into compliance with accessibility standards. Three different accessible administrator templates will be created. One similar to the existing, one which is customizable, and a stripped down model.
  • Advanced Survey Suite My project proposal is an advanced survey suite for the Joomla! CMS. The purpose of this extension is to replace the old Poll component with a feature rich, widely usable advanced survey extension. In spite of these features an important guideline is to provide an easily manageable and user friendly interface.
  • Authentication Sytem: LDAP User, Group Mapping and LDAP Authentication Group Discovery Because of easier and quicker access to the account information LDAP can be used as centralized information store. So, multiple applications can use the same account information for their authentication and authorization. It also allows hierarchical grouping of the similar elements, which can be used for organizing users into groups. The proposal is to develop the plugin for Joomla to support LDAP Users, and LDAP Group mapping and discovery.
  • CiviCRM Integration: Develop Front End Extensions for CiviCRM Data The main goal of the project is to build a suite of module/plugins that focus on development of the CiviCRM Joomla! front end.This includes a number of modules,plugins and a MVC front end component which will allow exposure of CiviCRM APIs as well as allowing Joomla! users to interact with civiCRM.
  • CiviCRM Integration: Development of Multilingual Functionality CiviCRM installations exist in over thirty languages using various alphabets. Multi-language support, developed during GSoC 2008, enabled non-profits and NGOs working in multilingual countries (like Canada or India) and cross-border areas to use CiviCRM in multiple languages (and multiple alphabets) at the same time. This proposal extends the multilingual features as well as introduces new solutions helping translators to better and easier localize CiviCRM, as well as collaborate with others.
  • Common gateway for Joomla - Elgg,Wordpress can connet We cannot stay alone anywhere in the world. So that is also true for the cyberspace also.. High interoperatability means you can survive in the jungle for a long time. Like that Joomla need to be interoperated better than ever. So as you've mentioned in the Ideas page its' wise to integrate Elgg and Wordpress into the Joomala... My Idea is to not to stop from there and create a common gateway to make interconnection with other networks.. So while getting more concentration to the Elgg and Wordpress in future communities in the internet can connect with Joomla using this gateway...
  • Desktop Content Manager - Adobe AIR Article Manager is the place in the back-end where one can add/manage all the articles of his/her website. This project aims at developing an Article Manager using Adobe Flex/AIR, which interacts with existing Joomla! Installation using xmlrpc. This will be a cross-platform application which will eliminate the need of an internet browser for Article Management. Once configured a user can easily add/manage new/existing articles without even using Joomla! interface.
  • Enhanced frontend editing This project will enhance the frontend editing functionality of the Joomla content management system. It will utilize edit-in-place fields, modal boxes and a drag & drop interface to provide an interactive editing experience. It will allow in-place editing of article, module and menu item titles, editing of articles, module and menu item parameters using a modal window and drag and drop positioning of modules, right from the frontend.
  • From Page Versioning to Extension Versioning / System Restore Page Versioning - I will extend the one developed in 2008, get very familiar with the Joomla! Framework by developing features like HTML code differences, search possibility (date, time, user that made the changes and content). Extension Versioning - A generalized versioning possibility (of any component). I will implement a versioning extension for the content component so that users could easily simply revert. After that I will design a general way to store information for any extension.
  • Google Summer of Code 2009 Application: Thumbnails generating Plug-in(Image library) Synopsis The main goal of my project will be to develop a powerful, very well documentated, enhanced library for working with images that would include: - thumbnails generating; - watermarks; - rotate and flip; - effects like sepia, negative, grayscale, blur, invert; - brightness and contrast fixes. There were previous attempts to do such a thing but they had the disadvantage that they could not be used in external components.
  • JDevTools - automated scripts for Joomla! developers The goal of project JDevlTools is to make Joomla easier to develop for. Currently developers creating components, modules or plugins go through a lot of tedious task setting up files and writing boilerplate that can easily be automated. My aim is to provide tools for developers to automate these task, so they can focus on what's important: Creating quality web sites with Joomla.
  • Magento Joomla Integration This document proposes an integration solution of Magento eCommerce Platform into Joomla. The motivation, academic background and working experience of the applicant developer are also included.
  • Native Joomla Multisite Support Large organizations, businesses, universities and more are establishing a web presence for every facet of their operation. Many of these organizations seek multisite support, for the ability to have one content management system/codebase that can be installed and manage more than one website. The idea for adding multisite support to Joomla would make it a viable solution for these organizations.
  • Taxonomy Extension The project intends to address a greatly missing feature of Joomla! that is a well structured Taxonomy Component to provide proper organization of content. A robust Taxonomy Component will eventually supersede similar but inferior implementations such as keywords, groups and other classifications, and eventually replace them with greater functionality. I propose the development of a Taxonomy Component that is scalable and robust so that it can be integrated into the core.
  • Workflow extension for Joomla! 1.6 Wikipedia definition of workflow is "depiction of a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or a group of persons" Workflow systems can become handy to a Joomla! administrator in certain scenarios , specially those that involve online magazines or community websites where content comes from different sources. I'm proposing to create a simple extensible workflow extension for Joomla! that will support the core content component and have the capacity to support other components.
  • Working Copy of Joomla! Live Site This is a kind of Subversion for Joomla! live site.