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As Git approaches its fourth anniversary, it is now the revision control system of choice for many of the largest and most successful open source projects, including the Linux kernel and at least twelve other Google Summer of Code 2008 projects: BlueZ, Cairo, DragonFly BSD, Etherboot, One Laptop Per Child, Perl, Samba, Thousand Parsec, The Wine Project, VideoLAN, XMMS2, and This achievement is the product of the lively Git development community, a loose-knit team of developers, technical writers, and end users with a passion for high quality open-source development.


  • add caching support to git-daemon every time git-daemon handles a fetch, it must (re-)enumerate and (re-)pack all the required objects. this is often very inefficient. I propose maintaining an updated list of commits/objects reachable from HEAD. this would eliminate our need for extensive tree traversals. further, 'partial packfiles' could be used to cache slices of the object list. due to the nature of packfiles, these could more-or-less be coalesced to form the majority of the pack.