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Geeklog is an open source CMS/weblog application, written in PHP and using MySQL or MS SQL as the database. Originally developed for a security portal, security has always been our main focus.

Geeklog has a small but dedicated core development team and a lively community of users and developers contributing patches, plugins, and other add-ons.

The main website for Geeklog is, but we also have some very active international communities in Japan, Germany, France, and Poland. The Japanese community even published a book about Geeklog. While Geeklog may be one of the lesser known CMS, it does power a few high-profile sites, e.g. Groklaw. We also know that it is used quite a bit in company intranets and as a web application framework.


  • AptitudeCMS Syndication API I am proposing to work on the Syndication API for AptitudeCMS (Aka Geeklog V2). Reading and Writing of arbitrary feeds based on content on the site, and importing content from other sites, is a simple way to syndicate content for others to use and add their content to your own site. I see this as an important part of Week-long/AptitudeCMS, as users of a site based on the CMS, would obviously like to read News on the subject, of the content within the CMS.
  • Full OpenID v2.0 support for Geeklog using a written-from-scratch both side GPL library The title speaks by itself, and I know this idea has already been proposed by various people. So please read the full content to see in what differ in my proposal compared to other. Thanks. (OK the real reason I am not writting a great abstract is that student application ends in less than 10 minutes ! Hope you'll get it on time !)
  • Geeklog2 taxonomy tagging plugin Taxonomy and tagging are among the most intuitive ways to manage the content. Geeklog2 (Aptitude CMS) is aiming to be the next generation CMS, but it lacks of these functionalities. Implementing taxonomy and tagging into Geeklog2 would make it closer to its first release.
  • Images and Comments support to Web Services API This project aims to provide the web services api with functionality to add images and comments to the stories being submitted. The existing web services api supports submitting new stories and editing existing stories. I wish to add to this the functionality of adding pictures/images to stories. I also intend to provide the ability to add comments to stories from the web services api.
  • Insecticide: Giving Geeklog a Test Framework Despite its growing size, Geeklog lacks a test framework to automatically run and debug the code. This is needed, as small changes can cause unanticipated bugs in existing code, and unknown bugs may exist in current code. My proposed project this summer is to select a test framework, adapt it to Geeklog, and create the structure that will run automated tests on Geeklog's class/function level. In addition, I will begin working through Geeklog's code, testing code and most likely uncovering bugs. By the summer's end, this framework will be available to developers to test their new code with and encompass a useful portion of the code base.
  • Plugin Repository Proposal for Geeklog Develop a plugin repository system that works much like Mozilla's Add-on system. As well, develop a plugin manager for the client side, that is modeled off Synaptic, that will allow addition and deletion of plugins, and a Update Manager to get any updates for the plugins.
  • PostgreSQL database support proposal Create and successfully implement a PostgreSQL database class in Geeklog