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Google Summer of Code 2009

ES Operating System

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We are creating a new pure component operating system named ES. This project was started by two members at Nintendo largely affected by Rob Pike's "Systems Software Research is Irrelevant" talk in 2000. And now this project is hosted in Google Code under the copyright of both Google and Nintendo in hope we can reach more people worldwide. In ES, every programming interface for various software components is defined in W3C Web IDL, which is a new standard interface definition language used in HTML 5 and other web application APIs for ECMAScript and Java. A unique part in ES is we are also using Web IDL to define interfaces for C++, and as the result, C++ software components developed for ES can be easily and seamlessly controlled by ECMAScript. We believe this is a very effective operating system architecture for rich Web applications in the longer term.


  • A TCP/IP stack implementation based on design pattern The design of TCP/IP stack of ES OS is based on conduits+model.The work on implementation is already under progress.The aim of the gsoc project will be to define sockets API based on the W3C specifications, to refine design and to integrate excessive four layers of muxes for TCP and UDP, to refine test locking mechanisms around conduits used in the design.The output of the project will be a flexible and stable refinement of TCP/IP stack with all necessary features.
  • Apply the TCP/IP porject I want to apply the TCP/IP porject. If I fail to apply the TCP/IP project and if there are kernel or driver related work in esos,please tell me. I want to take part in 'Simplify the excessive four layers of Muxes for TCP and UDP to a single Mux' or 'Refine and test locking mechanisms around conduits' and the former will be better.
  • Port the existing SVG implementation to ES So far what ES used to draw graphics and texts in the screen is 'cairo',one kind of software library . To provide more flexible and small interface, I want to implant the existing SVG implementation to ES operation system.