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Django is a high-level Python Web framework originally developed at the Lawrence-Journal World. Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of the experienced Web developers who wrote it. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly.


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  • Implementation of additional i18n features on Django This application proposes a number of modifications on Django, with the aim of providing web developers with more tools to localize their projects. Django already provides some i18n features, but it lacks many others such as date and number formatting, and translation of dynamic content. Developments detailed in this application will make Django projects easily localized. Also these changes will be useful for implementing future i18n features, inside Django or as external applications.
  • Improved HTTP and WSGI Support There is a wide array of accepted tickets related to HTTP and WSGI support in Django. While some of them are minor, there are a few features that require a good deal of consideration, planning, and a fairly large set of changes to the code, but could add useful features and performance improvements for Django. There are a few tickets in particular that could be addressed. These tickets combined represent the need for additional attention paid to HTTP support in Django.
  • Model aware validation Tie in validation that is currently only happening in Form objects and allow for models to define their own validation logic. The idea is to define validation logic for your models along with their definition and have it propagated into their respective ModelForms. Part of this project should also be refactor of the current validation logic in Forms and abstract it so that there is no duplicity in code (models vs forms)
  • Multiple Database Support in Django Django current has the low level hooks necessary for multiple database support, but it doesn't have the high level API for using, nor any support infrastructure, documentation, or tests. The purpose of this project would be to implement the high level API necessary for the use of multiple databases in Django, along with requisit documentation and tests.
  • UI improvements for the admin interface Ever since developers first discovered Django, the admin interface has been one of its most lauded features. However, over the last three years, its look and feel has not changed much. Some usability improvements to the admin interface would greatly improve the experience of our users.
  • Upgrade the Awesomness Quotient of the Django Test Utils and Regression Suite To fix and test, so cover the Admin site/ with Windmill use, avoiding the great fright. At moment be, we cover not, popular/ is the admin but tested is not. Great addition tests would be/ the key in promoting greater Django harmony.