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Creative Commons

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Creative Commons is a non profit organization that builds tools that help realize the full potential of the commons in the age of digital networks. Launched at the end of 2002, Creative Commons licenses have set the standard for sharing cultural works (i.e., "content", "media", etc.), following in the footsteps of free and open source software. Over the past five years we have also actively developed and contributed to technologies that complement its public licenses, with the aim of using software to enhance the discoverability and practical [re]usability of content -- to help users manage content, as opposed to software designed to help content manage users (i.e., DRM). In 2006 Creative Commons launched Science Commons, a project applying similar principles to science and research. ccLearn was launched in 2007 to help minimize barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials.


  • RDFa Plugin for WordPress Conversion of information to a format compatible with RDF is a cumbersome endeavor. Though a complete automation of the conversion process would be a goal which is hard to achieve it can be made lot simpler with a wordpress plug-in. The plug-in will enable the users to convert a generic HTML in to a RDF compatible format with ease.
  • Update and Expand Drupal Creative Commons Module There are currently two Creative Commons (CC) modules for Drupal. CC Lite only offers limited functionality, but the CC module has not been updated for a long time and doesn't support current versions of Drupal. I plan to: (1) update the Creative Commons module, referencing and possibly building on Creative Commons lite, to support Drupal 6; and (2) expand its functionality to embed and detect license information for some file uploads.