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Create a video tutorial for Wikidata Web Annotator

completed by: Lee Wei Jie

mentors: Amanpreet Singh

Some questions about this task:


This task involves creating a video tutorial on creating an annotation via Wikidata Web Annotator .

Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar and click on it to launch it. A help file will appear to tell you how to create an annotations, we need to capture this process of creating annotations on video. Process is also explained here:

1. Highlight a sentence that depicts some information on a web page, select Annotate text fragment from the menu that appears.
2. Select an item (subject) that depicts main part of the information
3. Select a predicate (property) which is what is depicted about the item in information.
4. Select an object (value) which is value of property.
5. Click on save, after saing click on push to wikidata.
6. A new webpage will open, now further select the annotations you want to push and click on push to wikidata, you will get to know that status of push in status field.
7. You have successfully pushed the annotation to wikidata with reference as the web page, now go on the link shown in the status to show the annotation created at Wikidata.

More info : GSoC '14 Proposal

If you want to contact me, mail on email given on my github profile.

In the end, you will have to upload the video tutorial to Wikimedia Commons in a free video format - see for more information.

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first.