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MediaWiki: Upgrade from long-deprecated i18n functions

completed by: m4tx

mentors: Nemo_bis

Help improve the internationalisation of MediaWiki. The corresponding bug report is . Detailed steps:

  1. Keep in mind, study the messages API manual at for PHP until you fully understand the conversion table: .
  2. Pick 1 extensions/* directory from those mentioned at . Ensure it's not already being worked on at,n,z .
  3. Update the code which uses wfMsg* functions, as explained in the manual linked above; test and submit your patch to gerrit as explained in the general suggested reading material at .
    Remember to mention wfMsg* and bug 68750 in the commit message as explained in : that will be enough for the mentors to know of your work; this task will be accepted here when one patch is merged.

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions at first.