GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2014 Apertium

Add other functions to begiak's git plugin

completed by: shardulc

mentors: Jonathan

For this task, modify Begiak (our IRC bot)'s git plugin to accept payloads for different types of actions from github. Currently it gracefully accepts payloads related to pushes and merged pull requests, but other things seem to mostly fail. Try to have the bot say something useful for each of the following kinds of payloads: commit or diff commented on; branch or tag deleted; issue opened, closed, assigned, or labeled; team membership added or removed; pull request diff commented on; release published in repository; branch or tag created; repository forked; PR opened, closed, assigned, labeled, or synchronised; repo created; team added or modified. Most of this will just be taking some info out of the json payload and making it a concise, useful, human-readable message.
For further information and guidance on this task, you are encouraged to come to our IRC channel.