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Create SVG versions of five logos

completed by: Natasha Murashkina

mentors: Quim Gil

Many Wikimedia projects are using bitmap image as logotype in all their pages, which rings two problems:

  1. Bad quality in high resolution displays.
  2. Very difficult to edit.

Join the community goal of converting all logos to SVG! Here you have a piece of work:

1. Create exact SVG replicas of the logos of these projects:

* (without the slogan)

For the Yiddish Wikisource logo, please use the Taamey David CLM font. The
Wikibooks logos use the DejaVu Sans Bold and the Charis SIL Italic fonts for
the project name and the slogan.

The link to the files and the text strings are available here:

2. Upload the logos to Commons

Upload the new images to, using this name fomat:



where XX is the language code.

After publishing each image, edit the description following this example.

3. Notify the completion of your task

In addition to marking the task ready for review here, you must notify it also in the bug report tracking the progress of this community project:

Bug 52019 - Vectorize all project logos

Just add a comment there with the links to your SVG files in Commons.

If you have any questions about this task you can ask directly in the bug report, which is followed not only by the GCI mentors but also by other experienced communty contributors. This will assure you better replies, probably sooner.