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Add link from Special:ItemDisambiguation to Special:Search when no results are found

completed by: Thomas Lam

mentors: Addshore, Lydia Pintscher

The Wikibase extension ( that runs ) has a special page called Special:ItemDisambiguation

Currently when using the special page and searching for a label that doesn't exist we see a page such as the following

The task is to add another message just before the 'create the item' message saying 'Search for Item using Special:Search' with a link to the search page

The message will need to be represented as a message code in the same way as 'wikibase-itemdisambiguation-create'. See the Wikibase.i18n.php file.

See this bug report for more information / queries.

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general Instructions first. Patches should be submitted to Gerrit and reference the bug report in the commit message.