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Clean the Possible Projects wiki page, file/comment Bugzilla reports as needed

completed by: Vlad John

mentors: Guillaume Paumier, Quim Gil is a very important page in our community. There we match proposals for projects with potential mentors in order to propose them in mentorship programs such as Google Summer of code or FOSS Outreach Program for Women.

The page contains two main sections: Featured projects and Raw projects. The former has been updated recently and it is sorted out. The latter, though, requires a cleanup:

This is what you can do:

  1. Sort out the structure of the section. The headers have been messed up after repeated copy&paste actions. Ideally there would be only areas and projects (two levels).
  2. All projects should have someone listed as mentor, or at list as author of the proposal. If a project doesn't have any person related we must find who published the proposal. In irder to do this, you must find the corresponding edit in the History of the page.
  3. The projects missing a Bugzilla report must have one. Create the missing reports CCing To create the report, copy the text of the proposal, referring to the URL of the section where it can be found. Look at the existing Bugzilla reports of the projects in that page to get an idea of how they should be done.
  4. The projects containing bug reports might need a reality check. Are they still good candidates for that page? Have their tasks been completed, discarded, totally abandoned? Check their related bug reports and post a comment reminding that the project is still listed under Raw projects at Possible projects and inviting mentors to move it to Featured. CC if he is not CCed already.

You can share the text of your Bugzilla comments here before posting them in Bugzilla. You are encouraged to specify in your user page that you are a GCI student, adding a link to this task. This way other editors will understand what are you up to with your edits.