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Wikimedia Bugzilla: Better instructions on top of enter_bug.cgi, link to guided form

completed by: Thomas Lam

mentors: Andre Klapper

Your task is to provide a patch to fix this bug report. The code is located here, but if the source code file does not exist yet in our 'modifications' repository, then you have to get the upstream file here first.

Potentially helpful upstream documentation to understand Bugzilla's custom template system is available here (though you probably will not need it); checking out the upstream code via the "bzr" tool is described here; using the "git" tool for the Wikimedia code repository is described here and here.

Your patch(es) would have to get tested on (which is a Wikimedia Bugzilla test instance). You will have to put your patch(es) into Wikimedia's code review system on (but a successful merge into the codebase is NOT required for this task, just putting it into Gerrit).

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first.