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Google Code-in 2013 KDE

Add the feature of radio buttons to the Marble Legend Browser

completed by: Yazeed Zoabi

mentors: Torsten Rahn, Utku Aydın, Dennis Nienhüser

1. Download the Homann and Doppelmayr map from 1707 from

2. Install it, run Marble and change to the moon in order to see it.

3. Open the Legend Browser. You can see two checkboxes there:

Ricciolli and Hevelius

If you play with them you can see that the checkboxes should rather act exclusive as radiobuttons.

4. Implement Radiobutton functionality in the MarbleLegendBrowser

Ideally the new syntax for radiobuttons should be backwards compatible so that new map themes which make use of radiobuttons get displayed as checkboxes in old Marble versions

5. Adjust the Homann-Doppelmayr map theme.

6. Test the map theme with current Marble master and with an old Marble version (ideally a Marble version < KDE 4.10)

7. and upload your new version