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Google Code-in 2013 Haiku

Create Haiku style Weather graphics for Weather program

completed by: Wassim

mentors: Humdinger, Emrys Demir, Niels Sascha Reedijk

This is a task where you will be creating graphics that will later be tied into a Weather program for Haiku that is being written as part of several other tasks.  It needs graphics for several different weather conditions.  Each condition is associated with a code: all of the codes on this page will need an icon created, include a version for night and day as they do on that page.  Each of the files should be named as they are on that page but be .hvif instead of .png.  This is your chance to show off your graphics skills.  The program itself will also need an icon, this should be a Haiku 3d style icon which should follow Haiku's icon guidelines.

Icons should be created for each of the weather conditions in a haiku-friendly format, preferably in HVIF format using icon-o-matic to create them.  They should be 2D style icons, but reflect that unique Haiku feel.  If you are feeling extra fancy you can also create a variety of background images for each of the various weather conditions.  For some inspiration see

All graphics created for this should be released under a creative commons license.

The previous work on this program can be seen in this task:


After claiming this task we ask that you show some of your work as you progress through the task so we can make sure you are producing the type of icons that would fit our vision for this task.