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Google Code-in 2012

Sahana Software Foundation

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The Sahana Software Foundation (SSF) is dedicated to the mission of saving lives by providing information management solutions that enable organizations and communities to better prepare for and respond to disasters.  SSF develops free and open source software tools that addresses the concrete problems that organizations face in trying to respond to disasters. SSF provides governance and direction to multiple open source projects, including Sahana Eden and Sahana Vesuvius, which will both be participating in the Google Code-In if accepted.

Sahana Eden is an open source software platform which has been built specifically to help in Disaster Management. It is highly configurable so that it can be used in a wide variety of different contexts and is also easy to modify to build custom solutions.

Sahana Vesuvius is an open source solution for tracking missing and found persons after a disaster.  It forms the basis of the US National Library of Medicine’s People Locator project and offers advanced search and filtering capabilities while being fully interoperable with Google Person Finder through the Person Finder Interchange Format (PFIF).

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