GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 The NetBSD Project

Create and implement a design for a web application

completed by: Puck Meerburg

mentors: Julian Coleman, Julian Fagir

 In a prior task, a student refined the web interface for apropos. 

To finally create a web application, we need a nice design for it. You have to setup the cgi (we will provide the cgi binary) to run on a standard NetBSD (this won't be much work and we can help you with that). You need an installed NetBSD or the Virtualbox image running to do this!

Then, you have to create an appealing design for NetBSD manpages, ie. it should:
* provide eye candy. It should look more modern than just the usual web manpage interfaces, but it also shouldn't be annoying)
* feature the NetBSD colours (grey, orange on white background)
* include free icons/pictograms which depict the manpage section (you have to provide the source for them, we have to know the licence and source)
* create a xhtml-valid template and css file for the cgi.

You don't have to embed the icons, as this is not implemented yet, providing them is sufficient.

Please do not claim this task if you don't have a running NetBSD (either virtual or real)! You will need it to run the cgi.
And please come in our IRC channel (see about where and how to get there) when claiming this task to discuss the exact requirements.