GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 The NetBSD Project

Create list of available VoIP client software

completed by: Vijay Nandwani

mentors: Aleksej Saushev

There's a lot of open-source VoIP clients there that can be used with NetBSD in real or potentially.

Not all of them are present as packages ready to deploy.

You need to create list of available open-source software, check presence of packages in pkgsrc and report results.


Results should be presented in plain text, HTML or Markdown format, for each package the following should be reported:

- software project name

- project home page URL

- source licence (MIT, BSD, LGPL, GPL)

- date of the most recent release

- list of supported VoIP protocols (SIP, XMPP/Jingle, other)

- availability in pkgsrc

- availability in FreeBSD ports collection

- list of supported operating systems (NetBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin/MacOS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, MS Windows)

- type(s) of user interface (curses, X, Motif, GTK, Qt)

- other notes (reference to Wikipedia list, if software is present there, former name, if it is a fork, and so on).


Consider as reference.