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Google Code-in 2012 The NetBSD Project

Convert the CD-ROM creation guide to markdown, merge it with other articles

completed by: Dimitar Borisov

mentors: Iain Hibbert, Julian Coleman, Julian Fagir

NetBSD has its guide how to create a bootable CD-ROM: and there's a guide how to create a bootable USB stick:

You should also take into account this guide, but you should not copy it nor take information from there:

It is currently written in Docbook, but we want it in the wiki, and we want both articles merged. You can find its sources here: (or by clicking on source on the respective wiki pages).

Though this work could also partially be done by a tool like pandoc, there might be great difficulties, especially in embedding images. You could automatically convert the articles and then review the results by hand to be correctly converted.

For this task, we want you to create a wiki page in our wiki on

We need your e-mail address and a username to create an account for you in our wiki, such that you can work on the task.