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Google Code-in 2012 The NetBSD Project

Howto: Update the system from binaries

completed by: Matthew

mentors: Aleksej Saushev, Julian Coleman, Julian Fagir

There is the new tool written in shell named sysupgrade (to be found in pkgsrc/sysutils/sysupgrade), which updates the system in binaries for you. Though it is nice, you may have reasons to not use it for an update (e.g. non-standard systems, or some components may not change).

This is why you should document the single tasks sysupgrade does (and why) and fill it with examples, in the end creating an howto which resembles the work done by sysupgrade.

Guide chapter how to use sysupgade: 

Our preferred format for the submission is some form of plain text, as that is most portable and can be read anywhere.  If you want to use a word processor, please export the file as text.  You could also add something like markdown or latex to add structure (these are both plain text based), but that is not a requirement.