GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 The NetBSD Project

Make OpenDJ run on NetBSD

completed by: Adrián Arroyo Calle

mentors: Radoslaw Kujawa, Aleksej Saushev

Traditionally directory services in open-source systems are built around OpenLDAP, which is tricky to setup. There're reports that OpenDJ setup is easier but the software is written in Java, which brings different challenges.

Provide instructions (step-by-step, where needed) how to make OpenDJ work on NetBSD, including instructions how to download OpenDJ itself, all components it depends on (identify them either by reading documentation or by searching the web), how to make it run.


You are to provide starter script that sets all necessary environment variables and passes correct flags to Java VM from OpenJDK7 package.

You are to provide instructions how to test, if the server works (e.g. by providing instructions how to add, search, and remove entries in directory).