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Marble: Create a new Navigation FloatItem: the "zoom buttons"

completed by: Mohammed Nafees

mentors: Torsten Rahn, Dennis Nienhüser

We'd like to have a more modern looking float item for controlling the map position:

This task is just about the implementation of the Navigational +/- Zoom buttons. The slider will be added later at the bottom part of this float item. So the implementation needs to be extensible and needs to take this into account. To get the idea what it's supposed to look like have a look at this mockup which shows the current navigation float item at the bottom right and the newly suggested one on the upper right:


The files provided represent the look and feel for each state: default, hover, press. The state should change once the smallest rect is hovered/pressed that still contains the light button area. 
Both buttons need to be implemented separately (by inheriting from QWidget each).

Please implement this behavior. The location of the + button compared to the home button disc should be pixel perfect like in the mockup provided. The - button should be added right below the + button for now. The slider will be added later in between the + and - buttons.