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Google Code-in 2012 KDE

Marble: KML Tag Writer for Region and ScreenOverlay

completed by: Mayank Madan

mentors: Torsten Rahn, René Küttner, Dennis Nienhüser

Create tag writers that write the information from GeoDataRegion and GeoDataScreenOverlay according to the kml specs.

  • In src/lib/geodata/writers/kml, create classes KmlRegionTagWriter, KmlLodTagWriter and KmlLatLonAltBoxWriter. The existing KmlLatLonBoxWriter will be a good base for KmlLatLonAltBoxWriter. Have them write the information of GeoDataRegion.
  • In src/lib/geodata/writers/kml, create a class KmlScreenOverlayWriter and write the information of GeoDataScreenOverlay. Have a look at the existing KmlGroundOverlayWriter and use the same approach (inherit KmlOverlayTagWriter).
  • Use tools/kml2kml/kml2kml (needs to be compiled) to test your writers. examples/kml/NewYorkRegion.kml contains a Region, has ScreenOverlays.

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